Cardinal Gymnastics

Cardinal Parents Association

The Parents Association, coaches and owners of Cardinal Gymnastics share a common vision to foster the best that gymnastics has to offer for our children. We recognize that gymnastics is perhaps the very best overall conditioning activity. Not only does gymnastics develop strength, flexibility, coordination, timing, agility, speed, power and grace, it also develops mental qualities such as self discipline, confidence, poise and an appreciation for what can be attained through hard work and dedicated effort. These are precious qualities which can last a lifetime - long after the training and competitions have become distant memories.

As parents, we have an important role to play to help foster a positive atmosphere, a sense of team spirit and a healthy attitude. Children need to establish their own goals, not be forced to work towards their parents goals. Through positive reinforcement and encouragement, our responsibility is to provide a healthy atmosphere which gives each child a good opportunity to reach their maximum potential, whatever that may be. If a child gives their best effort that is all we should ever ask for and they should be made to feel like a winner for having done so. We must be supportive and not critical to ensure our children have a positive experience. And we must never forget that, at its very core, the gymnastics experience should be fun!