Cardinal Information

Cardinal Gymnastics, a state of the art facility conveniently located in the center of Fairfax County near the City of Fairfax, Burke and Springfield.

Owned and operated by Olga Iakounina and Guennadi Iakounine.  Featuring international gymnastics coaches, Cardinal Gymnastics is Northern Virginia's best source for

  • Competitive gymnastics training programs (level 2 through elite)
  • Class and recreational gymnastics
  • Open gym
  • Camp programs
  • Birthday parties
  • Field Trips

Our Philosophy of Learning Gymnastics

We feel that learning gymnastics is an excellent way for children to improve their flexibility, strength, and endurance and a way to increase their self-confidence. Gymnastics also teaches children to have better discipline and concentration. The preschool classes are a wonderful way to prepare children for entering school because students learn to listen to and follow directions, share, and how to wait their turn and socialize with their peers.

There are six different aspects of gymnastics:

1. Strength and conditioning
2. Flexibility
3. Body positioning
4. Mastery of basic skills
5. Psychological preparation for both practice and competition
6. Advanced and highly technical skills

No one aspect is more important than another and mastery of the first five aspects is necessary before the sixth may be possible. Time and repetition are very important for developing and maintaining skills. Skills should be practiced in both comfortable and difficult situations to insure that they are truly mastered. In general, it could be said that all skills are broken down into changes of body position.

Skills are taught in four different events:

  1. Vault- We begin by simply teaching children how to run to and jump off of a springboard, move their arms and to land after going over the horse. Finally they are taught basic vaults moving from landing on the horse to progressing over the horse.
  2. Uneven Bars- The first thing that children are taught is how to swing on the bars, which is the basis for all skills. Our basic sequence is to teach: back pullover, back hip circle, front hip circle, kip. Students are also taught different dismounts and how to squat onto the bar.
  3. Balance Beam- The four aspects to successful work on the balance beam are: 1. Body position and alignment. 2. Landing positions. 3.Concentration and focus of attention. 4. Confidence and aggressiveness.
  4. Floor Exercise- This is the basis of all other events in gymnastics. Since children progress at various speeds we start each floor segment of class with the basics and proceed by allowing students to stay with the basics are to move on based on their comfort level and ability.

The following eleven elements are the basis of all gymnastics:

1. Handstand 7. Limbers (front and back)
2. Rolls 8. Handsprings (front and back)
3. Leaps 9. Cartwheel/round-off
4. Jumps 10. Saltos (for more advanced)
5. Dance Connections  11. Twists (for more advanced)
6. Tums