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Enrolment is now open for Fall 2021 Class Program for all ages.
Call to register (703) 323-0088 and leave a message or email to and we will answer ASAP.

Changes to policy regarding the reopening of Cardinal Gymnastics:

 1. We will be maintaining CDC guidelines to include maintaining 10 feet of separation between athletes and limiting the number of people in the facility at one time (13,500.00 square feet) by utilizing staggered schedules.

2. To cut down on foot traffic and for everyone’s safety we request only 1 parent per child and please no siblings that are not enrolled entering the facility. If you are comfortable, drop-off and pick-up outside the door is always an option. Following Virginia guidelines, all who enter the facility will be required to wear a mask at this time. 

3. Athletes must be healthy to attend and must bring their own water bottles as the water fountains will remain off.

4. Everyone will enter via the designated door. Once they have entered the atrium there will be a shoe sanitation station where they will wipe their shoes on a chlorine mat.  

5. Just inside the entrance will be a station to use hand sanitizer or you may choose to wash hands in the lobby restroom. 

6. At the designated entrance to the training area, athletes will remove their mask and shoes and place them in their boxes (provided). The boxes will remain with the athlete during all rotations and should include their water bottle, hand sanitizer, t-band, and shoes. 

7. We will reduce risk by enforcing strict hand washing or hand sanitizing between each rotation.

8. We will follow strict sanitizing guidelines to keep our coaches and athletes safe. We will be sanitizing equipment after each group.

9. No spotting (temporarily) or crossover to other groups.

10. Athletes will exit the training area via the designated door where they will put on their mask and shoes. 

11. Everyone will exit the facility via the designated door. 

12. This policy will be reassessed and changed based on current and up to date information available and deemed reasonable to both parties. Please remember when we reopen no one is required to come if you do not yet feel safe.  

Cardinal Gymnastics offers training for all competitive levels of gymnastics from Level 2 through Elite (Nationals).  As an added bonus, Cardinal Gymnastics offers recreational gymnastics, dance, tumbling and trampoline, and parties.

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Our Philosophy of Learning Gymnastics

We feel that learning gymnastics is an excellent way for children to improve their flexibility, strength, and endurance and a way to increase their self-confidence. Gymnastics also teaches children to have better discipline and concentration. The preschool classes are a wonderful way to prepare children for entering school because students learn to listen to and follow directions, share, and how to wait their turn and socialize with their peers.

Employment Opportunities at Cardinal Gymnastics

Cardinal Gymnastics is seeking qualified instructors for its ever-growing enrollment.  Immediate openings are available for gymnastics and cheerleading instructors.  Salary is commensurate with experience.  For more information call (703) 323-0088 or complete the job application located on this website.


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